Rates * Walk-in Annual Entry Weekdays Annual Entry Weekends
Entrance fee
Rs.100 NIL NIL
Special Entrance
Fees (Adults)
(6pm - 9pm)
Rs.200 Rs.150 Rs.150
Special Entrance
Fees (Children)
(6pm - 9pm)
Rs.100 Rs.100 Rs.100
Golf Balls Rental
(60 balls)
Rs.75 Rs.50 Rs.60
Golf Club Rental
(Driving Range. For upto 5 clubs per hour.)
Rs.50 Rs.50 Rs.50
Tom Thumb
(for 9 holes)
Rs.50 Rs.50 Rs.50
Putting Practice
(per hour)
Rs.50 Rs.50 Rs.50
Pitch & Putt Course
(for 9 holes)
Rs.200 Rs.150 Rs.150
Golf Clubs Rental
(For Pitch & Putt Course)
Rs.50 Rs.50 Rs.50
Coaching   Annual Entry Weekdays Annual Entry Weekends
Adults (per hour)
Rs.1,000      Rs.900 Rs.900
(per half hour)
Ages 12 and below
Rs.700      Rs.600 Rs.600
ADULT COACHING PACKAGE Rs.15,000 Rs.13,500 Rs.13,500
CHILDREN COACHING PACKAGE Rs.7,500 Rs.6,500 Rs.6,500
  • 15 Classes + 10 Practice Sessions
  • 1 Hr each class.
  • No entrance fee for 15 classes & 10 Practice Sessions.
  • 2 Buckets (120 balls) included for every class & practice session.
  • Golf Clubs provided free of charge for each class & practice session.
  • Not refundable.
  • Not transferable.
  • Valid ID Card to be produced on demand.
Special Package
Annual Pitch & Putt Course Fee
No Entrance fee
Unlimited use of pitch & putt Course
Annual Entrance Fees  
Individual (6 months) Rs.5,000 Download Form (PDF)
Individual (1 year) Rs.7,500 Download Form (PDF)
Family (of 4) Rs.12,500 Download Form (PDF)
Junior Rs.5,000 Download Form (PDF)
(for a group of 5 nominees -6 months)
Rs.15,000 Download Form (PDF)
(for a group of 5 nominees -1 year)
Rs.25,000 Download Form (PDF)




Valid for 1 year from date of joining.
No Entrance Fees will be payable for 1 year from the date of enrolment.
Discounted rates for Balls, Pitch & Putt Course & Coaching.
AKDR Golf Village reserves the right to withdraw the benefits of this scheme without prior notice, if any golfer is found to be in violation of AKDR Golf Village's Rules & Regulations that will be in force from time to time.
Not Refundable.
Not Transferable.
In case of Corporate Group, change of nominee will be permitted on payment of Rs.2,000 per nominee. Validity of the new Nominee Golfer will be for the remainder period of the Annual Corporate Entrance Fee period.
Identity Card issued by AKDR Golf Village is to be produced by the individuals who need to avail this scheme when they use the facilities.
AKDR Golf Village will not be liable for the closure of golf activities due to reasons or circumstances beyond its control.

* Fees/charges subject to change without notice
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